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Services Available

Intuitive Pastoral Counseling

If you're looking for something like a psychic reading, this is the place. These private, one-hour sessions help you learn more about your path and find solutions to the obstacles you're facing in your life.

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Intuitive Pastoral Counseling (psychic reading) sessions can be booked here on my website. These are conducted over Zoom using voice chat only, and you can book your appointment using the button below.
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Haunted Places

There are a lot of places that are haunted. Most of the time, that's not an issue or a problem. I'm not a "ghost hunter". I don't show up with EMF readers and cameras and such nonsense. But if you need a place cleaned and cleared, I can help.

Cleansing Haunted Places

Cleansing a haunted place isn't the same as "investigating" it. With cleansing, our focus is on helping the spirits move on and making the space usable for the living again. Contact me for more information if you need help reclaiming your home, hotel, or business.
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Parties & Gatherings

I often enjoy working in a group setting, too! Planning a birthday party or corporate event? Consider having a psychic offer mini-readings; it'll be an entertainment option that's unique and memorable!

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Putting together a spiritual gathering? I do gallery readings, teaching, and public speaking, too!

For more information on parties, events, gallery readings, or public speaking, please contact me directly.
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